IRSE 2018 Convention Booking
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Complete this form to book a place on the IRSE 2018 Convention, taking place from 28th May - 1st June in Switzerland. For information about the event, including prices, visit the IRSE website.

NOTE: This form is for delegates not resident in Switzerland. If you are resident in Switzerland, you can obtain a separate booking form from the IRSE Swiss Section.

By completing this form you are authorising the IRSE to take payment from your credit/debit card for the booking.

When you book a place using this form you will shortly afterwards receive an email confirming we have received your request, followed by a further email a few days later confirming your booking when we have taken payment.

We will use the information you provide on this form only for the purposes of arranging your booking. This will include making your name, address and date of birth available to Swiss Railways (SBB) for the purposes of booking your train tickets. Click here to see our Terms of Use.

Delegate Name
Enter above the name of the person for whom a booking is being made, in the form SURNAME, FIRSTNAME (eg SMITH, JOHN)
IRSE Member No.
Enter your IRSE membership number here. If you are not an IRSE member, enter NON-MEMBER
Contact email
Please provide the contact email address for this booking, to which booking confirmation will be sent. CHECK IT IS CORRECT.
Card holders name
Provide the name of the Credit/Debit card-holder being used to make the booking, as it appears on the card
Card number
Enter the 16 digit code of the card, without spaces, dashes or any other non-numeric characters.
Expiry Date
Enter the expiry date of the card, in the form MM/YY.
Security Code
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Enter the full address (including country and postcode / zip code) to which this card is registered. Use a separate line for each part of the address.
Your Date of Birth
Please provide your date of birth, in the form DD/MM/YYYY (this is required for your rail travel tickets).
Guest's name
If your partner or a guest will be accompanying you on the Convention, please provide their full name here. Otherwise leave blank.
Guest's Date of Birth
If your partner or a guest is accompanying you, please provide their date of birth, in the form DD/MM/YYYY (this is required for their rail travel tickets).
Class of rail travel required: Tick one box to indicate whether you want 1st or 2nd class rail tickets. Select one category only
Credit or Debit card type:

Tick one box to indicate which type of credit or debit card you are using. "None" is for office use only. Select one category only
If you or your partner have any special needs (including dietary requirements), or you need to tell/ask us about anything else, please enter the details here.

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