IRSE Exam equivalents (v2)
This online system enables IRSE members who have already passed one or more of the older style IRSE Exam modules (1-7) to identify which additional new modules (A-D) they need to pass in order to be awarded the IRSE's Advanced Diploma in Railway Control Engineering (IRSE Professional Exam).

Enter the Exam modules you have already passed (see examples at the bottom of this page) in the grey field to the right, and then click the SUBMIT button to see which new modules you still need to pass into order to be awarded the Advanced Diploma.

You can enter a total of up to six modules in the field above, using the numbers 1-7 (corresponding to the old style Modules 1-7) and letters A-D (corresponding to the new style modules).

Some examples:
If you have passed Module 1, you would enter 1.
If you have passed Modules 2 and 3, you would enter 23.
If you have passed Modules 4, 6 and A, you would enter 46A.
If you have passed Modules 2, 3, A, D, you would enter 23AD.

The order in which you list the Modules does not matter.

More information about the IRSE Exam is available on the IRSE website.