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We are delighted and excited to announce that Isfield Village Hall is hosting an ISFIELD FESTIVAL OF TALENT exhibition on August 24th to 26th inclusive, as part of ARTWAVE 2018, in order to showcase the wonderfully creative artists we are fortunate to have in our local community and surrounding area.


We called for all artists wishing to exhibit artworks to request and complete an entry form by 30th April 2018; we have received a great response from our artists to this unique event and opportunity to exhibit locally.


The works will be hung on Thursday 23rd August. A Private View will be held on Thursday 23rd August, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, and all Friends of Isfield Village Hall will be invited to attend this event. Opening hours for the exhibition will be 11am to 6pm on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th August and 11am to 4pm on Sunday 26th August (exhibition closing at 4pm on the Sunday 26th for collection of artworks). Teas and home made cakes will be available to purchase and enjoy.


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'The Friends of Isfield Village Hall'

The closure of Isfield Preschool after 40 years in the village was a sad loss to the community which impacted Isfield Village Hall severely; Preschool's subsidised hiring fees amounted to approximately 40% of our income in recent years. This was a huge blow, but we are financially stable and expect to be able to meet our day-to-day running costs with the ongoing support of our users, by continuing to run our own events, and by monitoring our expenditure even more closely, because we have:


- Refurbished the hall completely last August; this was badly needed, is a great success and should last a good few years, keeping maintenance costs down,

- Increased our revenue by diversifying over the past three years; by undertaking extensive marketing to ascertain which activities would be successful and to promote them (as far as budgets allow) and by finding and nurturing providers (e.g. Wine Club, Art Group, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Vintage dance classes, Floral workshops etc.) and also by holding our own events (e.g. Frost Fair, Open Day, Race Nights, Film shows).


The Friends of Isfield Village Hall is an important part of our efforts to combat the loss of Preschool's subsidised hire fees as this initiative enables us to build up reserves for regular maintenance costs (e.g. floor, decoration) and to make more improvements in the future (e.g. to the toilets, including a disabled toilet).


The management committee ran a survey in the village to evidence the level of interest in our ideas and ensure viability. We received 55 survey responses which is a tremendous result; thank you to everyone who responded and gave us so many good ideas. 54 responses strongly supported the need for the Village Hall, and 45 stated they would join 'The Friends of Isfield Village Hall.' See the last item on this page to view the survey results.


Accordingly 'The Friends of Isfield Village Hall' was launched on 15th September 2017 by a mail drop throughout the village. We are proud and delighted to report that we have received very strong support from the whole community with many Friends joining and donating to our long term maintenance reserves for which we are very grateful. Friends continue to join, and we very much welcome all new Friends. We plan to hold Friends' events (e.g. private view at Artwave in August, Christmas party in December) and to set up a Friends' Advisory Group to help us involve the wider community in setting Village Hall priorities. To join the Friends please email Katherine on to obtain a form.


2017 Village Hall Survey

Please select this link to view the results of the 2017 Village Hall Survey.